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With dedication to our customers, innovation for our industry and resourcefulness in nearly every situation, OTW Safety offers products for every safety and security application. Well, sort of.

Researching barricades, barriers, and traffic control devices Online and Can’t Find a Price?

Buying barricades, barriers, and other traffic control devices can be similar to car shopping, however one noticeable difference is that there is rarely MSRP pricing on manufacturer websites. While the price of the product is important, it’s only part of the whole story because it really doesn’t tell you anything about value or quality. That’s why it’s best to contact your local OTW Safety dealer directly, learn about standard and optional features, compare safety device designs and models, and then request a quote on the traffic control plan that’s exactly what you want.

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We invented the airport barricade and offer the only FULLY FOD FREE barricade designed specifically for runway construction on the market today! We also offer many types of solar airport lights. We continue to work with airfield managers to make products that contribute to airport safety and are economically feasible for the smallest (and largest) airports to afford.

Crowd Control

Our crowd control barricades save you time, money and aggravation! They are easy to set up–much easier to work with than steel. This barricade makes you money! They hold signs–directions like “entrance,” advertisements or logos. (Signs sold separately.) What is the ROI on your barricades?


We are the only manufacturer to offer 2 options for TL3 LCD’s! When it comes to barriers, the lateral deflection of the MB350 barrier is the lowest of any temporary plastic barrier at just 11 feet. Comparing this deflection to a competitor’s of 15.75 ft. and another’s at a whopping 22.63 feet, ours is more than double the lateral movement. Specify the safest product for your job site by using the MB350!


Our multi purpose barricades are made for a wide range of needs, they come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes to help fit your specific needs.

Facility Protection

RSSI’s electric barrier is taking over the market where hydraulics were once the only choice and are now installed in hundreds of locations around the world. Hydraulic barriers break down and stop working and require expensive maintenance. Recognition for RSSI’s easily-operated, reliable product continues to build as dissatisfaction over the limitations, functional breakdowns, and environmental impact of hydraulic barriers grows.

Force Protection

Our force protection barricades are made to direct the flow of traffic at ACP’s. These barricades come in different shapes and sizes and can stack to help fit the specific needs that you are looking for.

Flood Protection

Mongo Blocks are easily deployed for storm water management and erosion control, flood control, and oil/gas containment. The Mongo Block barricades can help organizations meet regulatory requirements in both flood management and oil/gas containment. Mongo Blocks are reusable and amazingly versatile creating a very cost-effective solution. Mongo Blocks are much easier to deploy, take down, and clean up than traditional sand bags and pervious methods.

Government Sales

Andrew Bergholz
Title: Vice President of Sales
TAPCO (Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc.)
Email: andrew@tapconet.com
GSA Contract: #GS-07F-5924R
Direct Phone: 262-814-7338