A Little OTW History

Travel back in time and see how the "crew" became the experts in portable safety and security barriers.


We’ve been in the business of designing, testing and manufacturing plastic barricade products since 1993. The company’s initial design was awarded a patent on September 26, 1995, with additional designs for new products accruing more than 20 patents in the ensuing 15 years with 2 corresponding industry awards including 2001 Innovator Award from the IFEA and The Contractors Choice Award in 2005 for Work Zone Safety. These patents cover products ranging from FHWA tested and accepted traffic control barricades and barriers (do you know the difference?) to ballistic tested barriers for entry control points (ECP) to crowd control barricades designed specifically to generate revenue for special events. The ideas for these designs were prompted by customers needing products that did not exist or were not right for their application. Thanks to our customers input over the years, when it comes to understanding industry requirements, our background is second to none and our products are on the cutting edge.

Our Approach

We can help you understand what the differences are between plastic devices and know which one to use for your situation, whether it’s a roadway, airport, crowd control or security application. Most manufacturers only want to sell you their products; we want you to understand what you’re getting and know that it’s the right product for the job. Please call us at 888 363-7740 with any questions. We believe:

  • We should help our customers in any of their endeavors.
  • We should be a resource in helping, not just a salesperson.
  • Invest in our PRESENT customers, not just advertising for new ones.
  • Security barriers are awesome… even if you don’t think so.
  • Safety products save lives. That’s important to us.
  • We are the best and most innovative barrier provider there is.

If It’s Not Fun, It’s Not Work

Check back soon…. this part is under development!

Our Mission Statement

OTW Safety is committed to operating in terms of its customers.

  • We are committed to creating safety and security devices to meet our customer’s needs. Send us your unmet requirement now! We can make it for you.
  • We are committed to making it easy for you to purchase, from offering these items on GSA contract, through DBE’s, and through the DISC as well as Ebay and Amazon.com. In addition, to comply with Executive Order 12783 we offer products manufactured with recycled material.
  • We are committed to the environmental movement, we watch our carbon footprint as much as possible and manufacture products that are recyclable and have recycled content.
  • We are committed to making products in the USA. Most of our items carry the “Made in USA” logo.
  • We are committed to delivering the product you need, when you want it, the way you want it.
  • We are relentless. We strive daily to improve our commitment to our customer.
  • You dream it, we make it.

Government Sales

Andrew Bergholz
Title: Vice President of Sales
TAPCO (Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc.)
Email: andrew@tapconet.com
GSA Contract: #GS-07F-5924R
Direct Phone: 262-814-7338